Spending Time at Foxtwood

There are times when you just want to just relax at your cottage, so here are some ideas of what you can do without using your car.  Families love spending time at our property, because there’s just so much to do!

You will no doubt meet our dogs Axl and Troy. We have had them for several years now. Axl we were told he did not cut the mustard as a cattle or sheep dog so had to go. How could we resist? Troy was in training as a sheep dog but had a problem with his back leg, which now looks like it has a mind of it’s own and sometimes goes in the wrong direction!
Please don’t feed our dogs, they both need to watch their weight. You may prefer to feed bread to the fish of waterfowl. You can go by yourself to see our sheep (if they’re here), and we can take you to see our cows.
  • Outdoor Games | Table tennis
We have table football, outside building blocks, table tennis, skittle table, swing ball, a yard tennis net and badminton kit. And a family favourite, a decent size trampoline!
Eat outdoors and enjoy the view- the BBQs and fireplace you see are for your use and we can sell Foxtwood charcoal. The butchers in nearby Ipstones has excellent meat. Ask Clive for the best methods, times and places to enjoy your outdoor culinary experience. Please take a rubbish bag with you and if any glass is broken please let Clive know so he can thoroughly clean it up.
For open water swimmers, you are welcome to try our pool. Do ask us for the best place to get in. We love a swim on a hot day, but feel free to go in at any time of year!