Eating In

I always assumed that how we do our shopping is how everyone does their shopping, but having now chatted to lots of guests I now realise that what we take for granted around here is actually quite special. It seems that not all areas of the country have “proper” shops anymore so while you are staying here why not try a genuine shopping experience?

All our local towns offer traditional, high street food shops – just take a couple of bags and browse the goods. Leek has a particularly fine selection and is promoting itself as a totally locally town.

Local Butcher

We have excellent local butchers too, the closest in Ipstones is called the Village Butchers, have a look on his facebook page for what he has to offer. There are other good, locally run butchers in Cheadle and Leek. Some even have their own farms and sell their own high quality products, but this doesn’t make them expensive.  Try some dry cured bacon. Remember proper bacon that smells and tastes delicious and doesn’t run that white, watery stuff out when you cook it?

The bread shops bake fresh every day and you will find oatcake shops in Cheadle and Leek selling this local traditional fare. You might need to shop in the morning for these as they close as soon as they have sold out – usually just after lunch. Wrap some of that lovely bacon up in an oatcake, with a splash of tomato ketchup and you have a fantastic quick snack.  Or maybe finish off with a pikelet drizzled with a little syrup. Or, to try it the local way, spread it with butter.

For general groceries, papers and butcher you need go no further than Ipstones, which is only 1.5 miles away.

A variety of national supermarket chains will deliver to our accommodation. However, there is a new alternative that we can recommend which directly supports local businesses called

The service offers a full basket of products hand sourced from the area’s top purveyors (including meats, milk, cheeses, fruit & veg, drinks, ready meals etc), all made available via one flexible delivery to our property. Even items that are not produced here in the Peak District are purchased from the region’s village shops or alike.

If you are interested, click here to book a delivery slot. or contact 07842302210 or for more details

Farmers MarketIf you prefer a supermarket you will need to head for one of the local towns, and if you like chasing a bargain on the market stalls, market days are;

  • Cheadle (small market) – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, always has a stall from the local brewery. Just 4 miles
  • Leek (medium size market)  – Wednesday, also on the third Saturday of every month there is a fine food market. It’s 9 miles
  • Ashbourne – Thursdays and Saturdays. 11 miles away but an easy 15 minute drive along the A52

If you’re having a larger get-together while staying here, have you thought about having a hog roast or outside cater?

One of the butchers in Cheadle offers a brilliantly named service at . Or the butcher in Leek, Peter Lymer of J.W. Ash & Son, not only offers a hog roast service, they will also do catering. So if you have a family party here you can have prepared meat and cobs and more, speak to them for more information (limited web site!).